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Website development involves development or creation of a website for the Internet ( World Wide Web ) users. As a developer, you would be responsible for the development of the website. Website act a bridge between the company ( who owns it ) & the customers who use it. It is only through the website users are able to get information about the company or any product specification.
As a developer, you would be responsible for the development of the website.
Website Designing is also a part of Website Development.

At Dbug lab you will learn the encryption & programming of website. Website development includes
1) Customer side coding
2) Server Side Coding
3) Database Technology
As a developer, you will be given Training on the technical aspects which is being required while building a website.
While creating a website a developer has to keep in mind various things which his client wants to communicate to its customers so accordingly he has to make the website so that he can make his client vision into reality.
At DBug lab you will be trained in all these aspects through Live Projects & Training.
There are various tools which are being used by the developer today which help them to test their codes. These tools are used for testing the user interface of a website or web application.

Candidates who want to pursue their career in IT Sector can get themselves enroll at Dbug for Website Development Course.
Our Website Development Course includes HTML, CSS Php, CMS, Framworks, JavaScript and many more

After completion of the Course Candidate will be able to develop Website perfectly. As a developer, you can easily host and maintain your own Website & also work as a freelancer for many of your clients.